Thank you for your interest in signing on to the Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct (the code).

After filling out the application form, you will receive a tax invoice for the non-refundable application fee of $200. Applications from franchisees will be charged $100 per franchisee. Your application will be assessed after this invoice has been paid. A review fee of $200 will be charged if your application is required to be reviewed for a third or subsequent time.

If your application is successful, you will be issued with a tax invoice for your annual fee. Annual fees are calculated at the rate of $0.80 per kW of solar or $0.80 per kWh of nominal battery capacity (values as per manufacturer's declaration) installed by the applicant in the past 12 months, whichever is greater. The minimum annual fee payable is $600 and the maximum is $6000 (including franchisees). In accordance with section 4.2.4 of the code, the Clean Energy Council may vary the fees from time to time. All fees are stated exclusive of GST.

Once your annual fee has been paid, your nominated primary contact will receive an e-pack containing a range of collateral to assist your company in promoting the code to consumers.

Please note: the Clean Energy Council regularly audits companies to verify the figures provided for kW installed annually. Providing false or misleading information will result in your removal from the code.

Disclaimer: The applicant acknowledges and agrees that it is not entitled to and will not make any claim against the Clean Energy Council for delays in processing an application or for rejection of an application.

Important note: Where it is a requirement of a program or scheme that providers are Approved Solar Retailers, the Clean Energy Council, as Code Administrator, may notify relevant bodies that you have applied to become an Approved Solar Retailer.

Relevant bodies may include government departments, government agencies and companies engaged by a government department to administer a program involving Approved Solar Retailers.

Only your company name will be provided to the third party. Such notification does not in any way guarantee or represent that an application will be approved. By submitting your application to become an Approved Solar Retailer, you consent to such sharing of information.

Company details

Please note: Only the company or business named on an approved application form will be authorised to use the Approved Solar Retailer logo and publish or otherwise advertise that it is a signatory to the code.

Where there is substantial change to the business structure of the applicant or signatory, the applicant or signatory will be required to submit a new application.

Approval will only be granted to a franchisee where all franchisees have applied and each application individually satisfies the requirements of the code.

Company address

  • Regions of operation (tick all that apply)

Public contact details

Company size and personnel

  • Does your company sell solar PV systems for domestic use or consumption to residential and small business consumers?

    If you answered Yes to the above question, please upload a copy of the Sales Contract you provide these customers in the documentation section below.

  • Does your company sell the following:

Primary contact for your company

Please nominate a person who is authorised by your company to be the primary contact for all matters and correspondence relating to the code. You must inform the Clean Energy Council within 28 days of any changes to the primary contact's details. The Clean Energy Council will also refer any consumer complaints directly to the primary contact.

  • must be a direct landline or mobile, not a generic sales number.


Please supply the actual documentation you would give to a consumer if they purchased a PV system from you. Ensure, where appropriate, that the documentation is filled in (i.e. provide de-identified actual paperwork that was sent to a consumer). Each file is restricted to a maximum size of 5 MB.

Documentation provided to the Clean Energy Council in support of this application may be given to an external firm for legal assessment or review. All information will be treated with appropriate confidentiality.

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    This must include the average daily kWh for each month of the year. See the Design guidelines for Accredited Installers for more information.

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  • Does your company offer finance arrangements, such as leases, power purchase agreements, or other credit products?

  • Does your company offer customers such finance arrangements through other lenders?



By agreeing to the following statements you are giving a legal undertaking. If you are unable to tick all the boxes below please provide supporting documents, such as the administrator's report and statement of affairs in respect of a liquidated business, to [email protected]. You can contact the Clean Energy Council to discuss your application further.

Where an applicant cannot provide this legal undertaking, approval of the application remains at the discretion of the Clean Energy Council. Where an undertaking is found to be falsely provided, the application will be rejected or, if already approved, the signatory may be expelled.