The Clean Energy Council administers an Approved Products List, which is a list of solar PV products that are approved for the purpose of creating access to Small-scale Technology Certificates. The Clean Energy Council may reject an application to list a product, and may de-list a product, where the terms and conditions of listing have not been satisfied or have been breached.

The Product Listing Review Panel is an independent panel with industry and consumer representation.  It is responsible for hearing appeals against decisions made by the Clean Energy Council to refuse to list or to de-list a product.  The Panel meets regularly to ensure the product listing scheme is operating effectively and is meeting the identified objectives.

Chair, Dr Penelope Crossley

Dr Penelope Crossley works at Sydney Law School as an academic specialising in the complex legal issues associated with the energy and resources sectors. In particular, her research focuses on the fields of comparative renewable energy and energy storage law, electricity market governance, and the intersection between tort law and the energy and resources sector. Her PhD on ‘Reconceptualising Renewable Energy Law: A Comparative Study of the National Laws Designed to Accelerate the Deployment of Renewable Energy,’ was awarded in 2015.  

Penelope has extensive experience advising and capacity building foreign governments in the areas of designing efficient regulatory frameworks and effective contract negotiation in the energy and resources sectors. Prior to entering academia, Penelope practised as a Solicitor in London and Beijing for a Magic Circle law firm specialising in Global Energy and Infrastructure Law. She has also worked in-house for a super major energy company advising their alternative energy division on issues related to emissions trading, renewable energy, emerging consumer markets and technologies.

Consumer representative, Oliver Derum

Oliver Derum is currently Associate Director of Advocacy and Communications at Energy Consumers Australia. ECA is a company limited by guarantee that was established by the COAG Energy Council to advance the long-term interests of residential and small business energy consumers.

Prior to joining ECA, Oliver was Policy Team Leader for the Energy and Water Consumers’ Advocacy Program at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre. His time at PIAC culminated in the first consumer challenge to electricity network revenues in the Australian Competition Tribunal, with which he was intimately involved. At PIAC, he also worked on issues including energy consumer protections, improving the effectiveness of the retail energy market (including pricing and solar feed-in tariffs) and consumer engagement.

Oliver has qualifications in Arts, Public Administration  and Economic Policy. He is passionate about the fair provision of essential energy services that are accessible and meet the needs of consumers. 

Industry representative, Nigel Morris

Nigel Morris has been involved in the solar industry for more than 25 years.

He has been involved in almost every aspect of the solar industry, including
manufacturing, installing, selling and designing solar, monitoring and storage systems around the world.

Prior to joining Solar Analytics he was:

  • Chief Executive Officer of RoofJuice, a premium solar retailer
  • the founder of Solar Business Services acting as a consultant, analyst, industry advisor and business coach
  • a senior manager at BP Solar for almost 12 years
  • a director, installer and saleperson at a medium-sized solar company.

He is a prolific blogger, sits on a number of advisory boards in the solar industry and is a proud solar citizen and electric motorcycle owner.