The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is responsible for the operation of the Do Not Call Register and for ensuring compliance with rules governing telemarketing activities. The Clean Energy Council is working with the ACMA to provide information to solar businesses about compliance with the Do Not Call Register.

The ACMA has received thousands of complaints from Australians on the Do Not Call Register this year about calls from solar businesses and call centres offering solar services and products.

In fact, 20 per cent of complaints now made to the ACMA are about solar telemarketing. This indicates a high level of non-compliance by solar businesses using telemarketing and it is causing significant nuisance to Australian consumers.

Are you aware of your obligations under the Do Not Call Register Act 2006 and Telemarketing and Research Industry Standard 2007? 

If you make telemarketing calls or engage a call centre to make calls on your behalf, you need to ensure all numbers are checked against the Do Not Call Register prior to calling. You are not allowed to make any unsolicited telemarketing calls to any number listed on the Register. If you purchase telephone numbers or leads from a call centre or engage a call centre to set up appointments for you, you can also be held responsible for any calls that call centre makes to numbers on the Register.

Financial penalties for calling numbers on the Do Not Call Register are substantial and can be up to $3400 per call made.

To learn more about your Do Not Call Register obligations as a solar business, start with the ACMA telemarketing blog.

For further information on how to open an account and check your telemarketing lists against the Register please visit or call 1300 785 749.