Although PV systems are very reliable, Australia’s harsh conditions can contribute to suboptimal installations or equipment failure.

However, very little information is available on the types of problems that occur, where they occur and how frequently they happen.

To address this, a web-based survey has been developed for anyone who owns, operates, installs or inspects a PV system and/or has detected a problem with a part of the system.

The PV Module and System Fault Reporting Website aims to increase understanding within the PV industry about the types of problems that can occur when different system components are exposed to the Australian environment. It will help improve future PV system design, component selection, product development and product approvals for Australian conditions.

A summary of the information collected will be made publicly available through reports on the Australian PV Institute, Clean Energy Council and Australian Renewable Energy Agency websites. The results will also be used in journal publications.

No personal information or individual system information will be disclosed to anyone outside the project team or presented in publications without written permission.

Access the PV Module and System Fault Reporting Website.