To become endorsed to install small wind systems up to 10 kW, accreditation must also be held for the design and/or install of stand-alone (SPS) and/or grid-connected (GC) photovoltaic systems.

To apply for Clean Energy Council wind endorsement, an individual must complete the additional training modules on wind turbine installation.

The national training codes for these units are K30B, K31B and K43A.

Individuals installing small wind systems sized over 50 volts AC must hold an unrestricted electrical licence and may be required to hold a building contractor licence where it is a state or territory requirement.

Adding small wind to your existing PV accreditation?

If you already hold solar PV accreditation, you can apply to add the Wind endorsement to your current accreditation at no cost.

To do this, please send a copy of your training results to [email protected]

You will then be required to submit a case study within six months. 

A fee of $190 (excluding GST) applies for case study assessment.