To become micro-hydro-endorsed an individual must first complete the required units of competency assessed by a registered training organisation.

Required training for Clean Energy Council micro-hydro endorsement (PDF)

On the completion of the training, an individual can apply to the Clean Energy Council (CEC) for provisional micro-hydro endorsement. A provisional application must include:

  • submitted application form (PDF format)
  • Certificate of Currency/Proof of Public Liability Insurance cover – minimum of $5 million coverage
  • record of successful completion of all required training units
  • payment - $120 (excluding GST)

An application to upgrade to full micro-hydro accreditation is required within six months of the provisional accreditation being awarded, and is valid for two years.

As part of this application, proof of competence in the design and installation of a micro-hydro system is to be submitted to the Clean Energy Council in the form of a case study, demonstrating conformance with Australian Standards.

Full endorsement will only be given once the individual's case study has passed the requirements (as determined by the Clean Energy Council) and a fee of $800 (excluding GST) is paid.

Renewal of full accreditation is required every 12 months thereafter, requiring accredited people to undertake continuous professional development (CPD) to maintain their accreditation.

Note: the Clean Energy Council does not accredit applicants for any low voltage (LV) work. All LV work must be completed by an appropriately licensed electrical worker in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and legislation.

Adding micro-hydro to your existing PV accreditation?

If you already hold solar PV accreditation, you can apply to add the Provisional micro-hydro endorsement to your current accreditation at no cost.

To do this, please send a copy of your training results to [email protected]

You will then be required to submit a case study within six months. 

A fee of $190 (exluding GST) applies for case study assessment.