Once you have provisional accreditation, you can apply to upgrade to full accreditation by submitting your assessments as proof of competence in the design and installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems.

Please note: applications to upgrade your accreditation can take up to six weeks to process from when the final part of your assessment is complete. You will be required to submit all parts of your assessment within three months of becoming provisionally accredited. Where possible, complete your assessments early to allow processing times. A one-month grace period will be given if all required assessments are submitted before your accreditation expires.

To upgrade to full accreditation you will need to:

  • access the accreditation assessments page from the installer login area
  • complete the required assessments
  • complete the upgrade application form including:
    • providing a copy of certificate of currency/proof of public liability cover - minimum of $5 million coverage
    • providing a copy of unrestricted electrical license (required for grid-connect design and install, and grid-connect install only)
    • providing a copy of ID style photo
    • payment of $550 inc. GST, payable by electronic transfer (EFT) or cheque.

If you application is unsuccessful, please note that we will refund your payment minus a processing fee of $99 inc. GST.

Once upgraded, your accreditation will be valid for one year. Before expiry, the accredited person must submit an application to renew their full accreditation.

Accreditation extension

Extensions will be granted up to a maximum of three months for the upgrade process from provisional accreditation to full accreditation (see extension application form).

Adding an additional component to your existing accreditation

You can add an extra component (design, install, SPS or adding an endorsement) to your existing accreditation without submitting a new application. You will need to:

  • Send a copy of the relevant training results for the component you wish to add to [email protected].
  • Ensure you include a note requesting to add the extra component to your current accreditation.
  • The Accreditation Team will contact you by phone to activate the new component.

If you are adding the Design or Install component to your existing accreditation you will need to demonstrate competency in designing and/or installing a system, by completing assessments relevant to your component within three months of the date that the component is added to your accreditation. The accreditation team will provide you with the details required for this assessment.

If you are unable to complete the assessment, you can defer the additional component of your accreditation by notifying the Clean Energy Council in writing. You will then need to advise the Clean Energy Council in writing that you wish to have it reinstated before carrying out any work related to the component.  

A fee of $190 + GST will be applied to the assessment.

Please note: From the first week of July 2019, installers will not receive their accreditation number until they have passed their online assessments. They will have one month to do this. Once online assessments have been passed, applicants will have two months to complete the requirements and apply to upgrade to full accreditation. Find out more here.