The Clean Energy Council introduced the continuous professional development (CPD) renewal scheme for accredited installers/designers who are renewing their current full accreditation.

It replaced the requirement of submitting a case study for renewal.

The purpose of CPD is to:

  • ensure all installers keep up-to-date with changes in the industry
  • support the aims of the renewable energy industry
  • better serve the community in an effort to create a more reliable and sustainable solar industry.

When moving to the CPD cycle, an accredited installer will renew their accreditation for one year by paying a fee, signing the Clean Energy Council Accreditation Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct and committing to complete 100 points of approved training in the following 12 months. A maximum of 30 points may be carried over year-to-year.

The training points can be attained by completing relevant training courses throughout the year. The courses will be allocated a set number of points based on the relevance to industry issues, the level of technical information provided and the length and structure of the course.

Training courses that may count towards your CPD

By the end of the yearly cycle, and prior to their expiry date, the installer will have to provide the Clean Energy Council with proof of completed training, along with a renewal application for the coming year. On acceptance of this proof, the applicant will be awarded renewal of their accreditation.

Before enrolling in or attending a training course of conference, make sure you check with the Clean Energy Council that it has been reviewed for the CPD program.

Also, make sure you renew your accreditation under the CPD scheme before completing your CPD training, as courses completed prior to renewal will not be counted.

Apply for accreditation renewal

If your organisation offers training and you would like to have it included in our CPD program, please download and submit the training application form (PDF). 

Please note: this option is only available for fully accredited designers and installers who are renewing their accreditation. The process for applying for provisional accreditation and accreditation upgrades remains the same.