There are four classes of PV systems in the Northern Territory.

The following process applies to Pre-Approved Class 1 and 2 PV systems.

Detailed information about the requirements for all Classes 1-4 can be found on the Power and Water website under PV Class Requirements.

More information can also be found in Going solar - Frequently asked questions on the Power and Water website.

1. Submit network connection agreement

You or your installer will need to submit a Network Connection Agreement to Power and Water along with:

In addition to the above, you will need to arrange for a power purchase agreement with your electricity retailer.

2. System installation

Your installer will submit a Notice of Intention to Work Form prior to installation commencing. 

Once installation is complete, your installer will submit a Certificate of Compliance and Commissioning Certificate (page 4 of Embedded Generation Notice) to Power and Water.

3. Meter change

Your installer is required to inspect your meter box and make necessary changes to bring it up to current standards. To make these changes, your installer will need to book in an appointment with Power and Water to have the power switched off. Power and Water will upgrade your meter for PV on the day of the appointment.

If your installer has inspected your meter box and determined it is already up to current standards, Power and Water will attend within six weeks to upgrade your meter for PV.

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