The grid-connection process in Western Australia differs for Synergy and Horizon customers.

Western Power customers (south-west WA)

1. Applying to your electricity retailer

All customers must contact their electricity retailer when looking to install new or additional embedded generation systems. Once a customer's application to the retailer is accepted, the retailer will provide the customer with a unique 'Retailer Reference Number' for use on the application to Western Power. For customers whose electricity retailer is Synergy, an email acceptance letter will be provided to the customer containing the 'Retailer Reference Number'.

2. Applying to Western Power for technical approval

The customer will then submit an application for approval to connect embedded generation to Western Power. On the application form, the customer will be asked to include the 'Retailer Reference Number'. Western Power will then review the application and provide technical approval if the system meets the requirements of the Western Power Technical Rules.

Should any application not meet the technical requirements of connecting to the network, Western Power will advise the customer of any alternative options available, such as a revised system capacity.

Upon approval from Western Power, the meter change request will be undertaken, and an approval letter will be provided to the applicant by Western Power.

Approval can take within a few days if system is less than 3 kW and a technical review is not required, and approximately 30 days for systems between 3 kW and 30 kW. For larger systems, expect an extended timeframe. 

3. Appropriate bi-directional metering is installed

Once the meter change or reprogram has been undertaken, the embedded generation system is able to be connected to the network by a qualified solar installer.

4. System installed

Installer must submit an Energy Safe Preliminary Notice to Western power within 3 days before carrying out installation.

On completion of installation, the installer needs to submit to Western Power a Notice of Completion along with notification of inverter energy system connection.

The installer should provide you with an Electrical Safety Certificate

5. Changes made to your electricity account

Upon Western Power receiving paperwork from installer, they will notify your electricity retailer who will make the according changes to your electricity account.

Horizon customers

1. Contact Horizon Power

Check with Horizon Power about the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) details and the changes in your tariff. Feed-in tariffs can vary according to your location.

2. Connection approval form submitted to Horizon Power

Submit to Horizon Power a Renewable Energy System - Electricity System Connection Application Form. Application must be approved before you buy or install a solar system.

You and your installer will be informed in writing by Horizon Power on whether it has been approved. This usually takes up to 10 working days or longer for managed generator systems.

3. System installed

A preliminary notice must be submitted by your electrical contractor three days prior to system installation.

The licensed electrical contractor who completes the installation must submit a completion notice within three days after installing your system.

The installer should provide you with an Electrical Safety Certificate

4. Meter installed

Once they have received the completion notice, Horizon Power will exchange or reconfigure your meter. Timeframes for this vary according to your location.

Further information


Western Power (south-west WA)
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Solar connections

Synergy (south-west WA)
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Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS)

Horizon Power (regional WA)
Phone: 1800 267 926
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Step-by-step connection process