Distribution companies in Victoria have different requirements for approval of systems. Make sure you check what these are before committing to installing your solar PV system.

1. Network application lodged (if pre-approval required)

Most Victorian distributors now require pre-approval for all solar PV systems. Check with your distributor and make sure you are aware of the requirements. Approval must be granted by your distributor before the system is installed.

2. System installed

Installer sends Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES) to licensed electrical inspector and arranges for an inspection to be carried out. Inspection must be carried out within 10 days of installation. Once CES is returned from inspector, your installer will lodge all forms with your electricity retailer.

3. Installer sends paperwork to electricity retailer

Installer sends CES, EWR and PV Connection Form (if pre-approval was not needed) to your retailer. The retailer will notify distributor to install meter (this can take around 1 week to process). Note: hold-ups may occur if there are inaccuracies on paperwork sent to the retailer. It will be returned to installer needing to be lodged again.

4. Meter installed

Distributor will arrange for a technician to come and install the new meter. This has to occur within 20 days of receiving notification from your retailer. The cost of this will be charged to you through your electricity retailer.

The distributor informs your electricity retailer once meter has been installed and your electricity retailer will make the appropriate changes to your electricity account.

5. System switched on

Once the meter has been installed, confirm with your installer that the system can be switched on. You should see changes on your next electricity bill.

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