1. Apply for approval to connect

Your solar installer should apply for approval to connect on your behalf by completing the Small Embedded Generator Request Form with SA Power.

SA Power will issue an approval number; immediately for systems under 5 kW, usually within 5 days for systems over 5 kW and longer for large scale systems. Once approval has been received, installation can go ahead.

2. Sign contract with electricity retailer

As a solar customer, you will need to sign a new contract and negotiate a feed-in tariff with your electricity retailer.

Customer will need to satisfy the requirements of the retailer before the installer can go ahead with Step 3.

3. Arrange meter installation

Your installer can then apply to the electricity retailer to have meter installed by submitting Form A. On receipt of Form A, the retailer will notify SA Power and authorise installation of meter. How long this takes varies between retailers.

Once SA Power receives authorisation, processing takes around 3 days. SA Power will then notify you or your installer that the meter change can be scheduled.

You installer will need to schedule an appointment with SA Power to have meter installed. This can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks, depending on your location.

4. System installed

Installer to complete an Electrical Certificate of Compliance and provide copies to customer and SA Power.

5. SA Power installs meter and notifies retailer

Meter is installed by SA Power who will then notify your electricity retailer. Electricity retailer will make necessary changes to your account and you should see changes on the next bill.

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