In Queensland, a network connection application must be lodged and approved before you go ahead with installation.

For regional Ergon Energy customers, a technical assessment may need to be carried out, no matter what size system you are installing. This could considerably extend the process. Make sure you make an application early. 

1. Network connection application lodged

For Energex customers: network connection applications lodged online for systems less than 5 kW are approved almost straight away. Allow at least 5 week s for systems over 5 kW and longer if it is over 30 kW.

By electing to expedite the connection application process, you will not need to sign to accept the offer. However, you will need to wait for confirmation from Energex before the installation can go ahead.

For Ergon customers: network connection applications for exporting inverters up to 3.5kVA (or up to 2kVA on a Single Wire Earth Return network), and most non-exporting inverters, do not require a technical assessment and are eligible for an expedited connection contract. Other applications will require a technical assessment, which can take up to 5 weeks to process. Applications for systems rated above 30KVA may take longer to process and have a separate application process.

Only after a connection contract has been offered by Ergon and accepted by the applicant can the installation go ahead.

2. System installed and paperwork lodged

Installer completes EWR form (Energex) / Form A (Ergon) at the time of installation and lodges with the distributor. This should be done within 5 working days.

3. Service order request made from distributor to electricity retailer

Distributor sends a copy of EWR / Form A to electricity retailer nominated on the EWR / Form A. This instigates a Business-to-Business (B2B) Service Order Request from retailer to distributor for meter installation. This usually takes a couple of days to be generated by the retailer.

4. Meter installed

Once distributor has connection application, EWR and B2B, they will carry out the meter change and complete safety inspection. For Energex customers, this is carried out within 10 working days. For Ergon, it may take up to 8 weeks.

5. System switched on

After the new meter has been installed, your distributor will notify your electricity retailer and you will see changes on your next bill.

You will need to contact your installer to confirm the system is ready to be switched on.

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