1. Check if building approval is required from ACTPLA

You may require development or building approval from the ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) before you can go ahead with installing solar. To check if your PV installation requires approval, visit www.actpla.act.gov.au

2. Complete a special connection request form

A Special Connection Request Form will need to be completed and returned to ActewAGL.  You will need to receive approval before you go ahead with the installation.

3. Meter change arranged

Installer/electrician submits a Request for Service Form to ActewAGL and books an appointment to install the meter. They can submit this form any time before installation once approval to connect has been given. Note that the meter change cannot be carried out until the system has been inspected by ACTPLA.

4. Installer informs ACTPLA of electrical work

Installer/electrician contacts the ACTPLA to inform them of the electrical work taking place by submitting Electrical Start of Work Notice.

5. System installed

Installer/electrician may begin to carry out installation of the PV system – but cannot complete the work until ACTPLA has inspected and approved the installation and ActewAGL has installed the meter.

6. Installer contacts ACTPLA to arrange inspection

Installer/electrician contacts ACTPLA to arrange inspection work. If the requirements of this inspection are met, ACTPLA will leave an approval sticker in the meter box. ACTPLA will notify ActewAGL of approval. ActewAGL can then make the final electrical connection to the grid.

7. Meter installed

ActewAGL will meet the installer/electrician on-site to install the appropriate metering arrangement. ActewAGL will notify your electricity retailer of the completion of all electrical work. Retailer will change your tariff accordingly.

8. Solar system completed

Installer/electrician completes PV installation and then commissions the PV installation. Certificate of Electrical Safety Form must be submitted within 14 days of completion of work.

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