Solar PV systems vary quite a bit in price. We recommend that, as a consumer, you do your research into solar PV technologies, retailers, installers and warranties to ensure you get the best system for your needs and budget.

The price of your solar PV system is affected by a range of different factors including: 

  • government rebates and support schemes
  • location
  • number of panels
  • orientation of panels and whether tilt frames are required
  • type, quality and efficiency of panels
  • type, quality and efficiency of inverter
  • system design and configuration
  • shipping costs for equipment and parts
  • contractor installation costs
  • after-sales service agreements
  • monitoring equipment and agreements
  • costs of the grid-connection process and equipment needed to connect
  • removal of trees or other shading
  • type of roofing (e.g. tiled, tin, concrete)
  • height and accessibility of roof
  • site preparation needs (e.g. repairing the condition of the roof or ground)
  • structural engineering, architecture and other professional services
  • existing infrastructure upgrades (e.g. distribution board, meter or cabling).

Please be aware that some of the costs associated with a solar PV system may fall outside the quote from your solar PV retailer.

Keeping the above variables in mind, this table provides an approximate guide on the price range for grid-connected solar PV systems in Australia's major capital cities. Government rebates are included in these figures. Please note that the market costs change quickly and so these numbers are illustrative only.

Estimated prices for grid-connected residential solar PV systems

System size Estimated price range
2 kW $3500 - $6000
3 kW $4500 - $7500
4 kW $5500 - $9500
5 kW $7000 - $10,500
10 kW $13,500 - $26,000

Please note these prices are a guide only. The actual price you are offered for a solar PV system may vary. Figures are estimates based on market conditions as at 15 June 2016 (source: Solar Choice). 

Estimated prices for grid-connected commercial solar PV systems

System size Estimated price range
10 kW $10,390 - $20,940
30 kW $37,750 - $54,820
50 kW $65,000 - $89,115
100 kW $107,900 - $186,525

Source: Solar Choice Commercial Tender Management Platform, accessed 23 January 2014. Prices include rebate from renewable energy certificates and are GST inclusive.

Expect to pay more for stand-alone and grid-connect battery back-up systems with more in depth design requirements and the added cost of batteries and equipment.


There are numerous factors that affect your suitability for solar and the period it will take for your system to 'pay for itself'. And as the cost of solar has fallen, so have government incentives. You should carefully consider whether solar power is going to be a worthwhile investment for you.

Most Australian electricity retailers offer feed-in tariffs, meaning that they pay you a small amount of money for any excess power you generate. However, the biggest financial benefit from installing solar power comes via 'self-consumption' – generating your own electricity instead of purchasing it from the grid at a higher rate. Accordingly, you should choose the size of your solar PV system based on the electricity consumption of your household or business.