The Clean Energy Council has published a free guide to buying and installing a battery storage system for your home.

The significant reduction in the cost of battery storage systems in recent years means that installing a battery is fast becoming a viable option for many Australian households. 

However, while battery storage is an exciting new technology, there are many things to consider before you invest in a system for your home.

The Clean Energy Council's guide to installing a household battery storage system has all the information you need to know about installing a battery in your home.

What's covered in the guide?

Here are a few of the topics included in our battery storage system guide:

  • How much do batteries cost?
  • How do batteries work?
  • What different types of batteries are available?
  • Battery FAQs
  • Choosing the right system for you
  • Finding a retailer
  • Installation of your battery
  • Maintaining and enjoying your battery
  • Safety and standards

Download the Clean Energy Council Guide to Installing a Household Battery Storage System