The Clean Energy Council has a range of resources available on our website to help consumers find information on installing solar and storage. If you are looking for further information or advice on solar and storage products, please look through the resources below.

Information the Clean Energy Council can provide

The Clean Energy Council does not provide over-the-phone consumer information or advice on buying solar and storage products. You can take a look at our guides to help you through the solar buying process.

The Clean Energy Council also runs the Approved Solar Retailer program to help you choose a quality solar supplier. 

Need more information or advice on solar?

If you are looking for more detailed information or advice on buying solar or storage, you can contact the Alternative Technology Association (ATA).

The ATA runs a phone service for general enquiries which is free for ATA members. Additionaly they also offer a paid advice service for members and non ATA members where you can speak to a solar power expert.

To find out more visit their website or contact them at [email protected]

More resources

The Australian Government has a helpful website with information about saving energy, saving money and available government assistance.