After your solar photovoltaic (PV) system has been installed, you should check that you have received all of the necessary documentation from your installer, your meter has been changed or reconfigured and the correct tariff has been applied to your electricity bill by your electricity retailer.

System maintenance

By installing a solar PV system, you need to take responsibility for it and learn the basic safe operation and proper maintenance of your system. A maintenance schedule will be provided by the installer.

Take note of the schedule and undertake regular maintenance of your solar PV system. This is necessary to ensure that:

  • it is operating correctly
  • the system performance is maintained
  • the system is safe for everyone in the premises as well as for any electrical workers working on the distribution network.

Always engage an appropriately qualified tradesperson to undertake maintenance work on your solar PV system. We recommend you use a Clean Energy Council-accredited solar PV installer.

Some distributors may request that an anti-islanding test of the inverter be carried out periodically. Check with your distributor as each will have different requirements.


Following the installation of your solar PV system, safety inspections may be carried out by the relevant state electrical authority. Depending on which state or territory you live in, these inspections may be mandatory or may occur on a random audit basis.

In some states your installer is responsible for organising the inspection of your system. The inspection may need to be carried out before the system can be connected to the grid.

The Clean Energy Regulator also carries out random audits up to 12 months after system installation. These inspections are to ensure that selected installations meet the legislated requirements for the creation of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).

Upgrading your system

Your ability to upgrade your system in future may depend on receiving permission from your distributor, on suitable arrays still being available, and on any upgrades meeting current Australian Standards.

Upgrading your system may also result in losing your feed-in tariff. You will need to check with your electricity retailer and distributor to find out what the requirements are for upgrading your system. The requirements may differ from state to state.

Regardless, we recommend you use a Clean Energy Council-accredited solar PV designer and installer.