The oversight, monitoring and direction of the Solar PV Retailer Code of Conduct will be undertaken by the Code Review Panel.

This is an independent panel with consumer and industry representation. The panel will meet regularly to ensure the code is operating effectively and is meeting the identified objectives and community expectations.

Chair, Gerard Brody

Gerard began in consumer advocacy as a Policy Officer and Solicitor with Consumer Law Centre Victoria, before working as a Senior Policy Officer with Consumer Action.

Gerard then worked with the Brotherhood of St Laurence as Senior Manager Financial Inclusion, leading the national rollout of the Saver Plus program. Gerard returned to Consumer Action in 2011 to lead the centre's policy and campaigns work.

Gerard has represented consumers on a number of bodies, including the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's Consumer Consultative Committee, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's Consumer Advisory Panel and the Australian Energy Regulator's Customer Consultative Group.

Gerard has a Masters in Public Policy and Management, Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from the University of Melbourne.

Consumer Representative, Damien Moyse

For the past six years, Damien has held the position of Energy Projects and Policy Manager at the Alternative Technology Association.

As part of an organisation accountable to consumers in the energy market, Damien has spent much of this time analysing policy, conducting advocacy and overseeing technical and economic assessments in relation to a variety of demand-side technologies. These include solar, with a specific focus on costs, benefits and related considerations from the consumer perspective.

Damien has a Bachelor in Urban and Regional Planning, a Masters in Environmental Management and a Graduate Certificate in Finance.

Industry Representative, Nigel Morris

Nigel Morris has been involved solar energy for more than 20 years and is the founder of SolarBusinessServices. He has worked for small solar companies as an installer, designer and salesman, and has worked for international solar manufacturers in a variety of senior sales and business development positions.

Five years ago, Nigel founded SolarBusinessServices, an award-winning and highly respected solar consultancy. The company provides business coaching for small solar companies, advises some of the world’s largest solar corporations on strategy and conducts leading research for industry and government.

Nigel is a prolific blogger and an enthusiastic advocate for the solar industry.