Please use this form to add your compliant module to the Clean Energy Council database.

Before you submit your application

Before completing your application form please ensure you:

  1. Read the terms and conditions
  2. Read our checklist to ensure you have all the required information and your documentation is compliant

How to avoid delays in getting your PV modules on the CEC approved products list

The CEC Accreditation Team has had to delay listing some PV modules on the approved products list due to incomplete or incorrect information supplied.

When submitting an application to add modules to the CEC approved list:

  • Please ensure that you include valid certificates for the whole range of panels on your application. If you need to attach additional documents, you can email them to with a reference to your application number or invoice number.
  • Enter the model numbers for each panel in your range into the application web form, including the separate power ratings.
    For e.g. SP-190-60P, SP-195-60P, SP-200-60P etc.
  • Include an installation manual that shows the requirements for mounting the panels with rail and clamp systems. Mounting with rail and clamp systems is the primary method of solar module installation in Australia.
  • Your sales datasheet must show the model(s) of connectors that the panel will be supplied within Australia. The Australian solar installation standard (AS 5033) requires the installer to only use a connector of the same make and model when connecting cables to the array. Terms like 'MC4 compatible' are not clear enough.

Note there is a 5 MB limit on each file uploaded. You can email larger files to If possible, please do not zip PDF files.

Should you have any technical difficulties with this form, you may email the application details, documents and the list of model numbers for approval to

If you believe your modules are eligible for an enhanced listing, please provide additional details by email to

  • Please do not include any punctuation in this field such as apostrophes, hyphens, etc.


PV Modules

  • Independent Quality Measures

Add PV Module

Please list all model numbers requested. 20 Max. Clearing a module will remove the entry on save.

Importer/responsible supplier details

Please include details of up to two importer/responsible supplier(s) of the modules for Australia. You must include at least one.

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As a responsible supplier of PV modules to the Australian market I will:


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    Please supply a document showing the valid format of the module serial number, including how the place and date of manufacturer are coded in the serial number.