How to submit an inverter for approval

To apply for inclusion of your inverter or power conversion equipment (PCE) on the CEC Approved Product List, the process is as follows:

  1. The product is tested to the required Australian and/or IEC Standards by a suitably accredited testing laboratory.  See the main Inverters and PCE page for information about which Standards apply to different categories of equipment.
  2. The product is independently certified by a JAS-ANZ accredited certification agency, or State electrical safety regulator.
  3. The importer or manufacturer of the product (or its Australian subsidiary) registers with ERAC as the “Responsible Supplier” and obtains an ERAC Supplier Number (visit
  4. The Responsible Supplier then registers the product brand and model name/number on the ERAC database as “non- declared” equipment.  (No certificates or other evidence need to be uploaded to this database; this is a product identification record only).
  5. The Responsible Supplier completes the online application form on the CEC Accreditation website here.  The supplier must provide the following information:
    • Responsible Supplier name and ERAC Supplier Number
    • Link to a webpage which shows contact details for Australian warranty support
    • Certificate of Suitability (see item 2 above)
    • Test Reports (see item 1 above)
    • Link to an online Specification Sheet, or web location where this can be downloaded
    • Electrical specifications, including the manufacturer and model number of DC plug/socket connectors if applicable (See Note below).
    The responsible supplier must also review the CEC Terms and Conditions, and complete the declarations on the application page.
  6. The Responsible Supplier pays the application fee. Click here to see the application fee for listing inverters/PCE. Applications will not be assessed until the CEC has received payment of this fee.
  7. The CEC assesses the application, and advises the Responsible Supplier of the outcome, and/or any additional information that is required.

Note:  If your product has quick-connect fittings for the DC input connections, the make and model of these connectors must be identified.  This is due to requirements in the Australian Standard for solar PV installations (AS 5033), that DC connectors “shall only be mated with those of the same type from the same manufacturer”.

What is a Responsible Supplier?

A Responsible Supplier is a person, business or company that manufactures in-scope electrical equipment in Australia or New Zealand, or imports in-scope electrical equipment into Australia or New Zealand.

A Responsible Supplier must be a legally identifiable Australian or New Zealand entity, holding an Australian Business Number (ABN), or a New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD) number.