The Clean Energy Council has a free mobile application for accredited solar installers.

Available on iPhone and Android, the Solar Checklist app makes it easier for installers to ensure that they:

  • meet the key technical requirements when installing grid-connected solar PV systems, and
  • undertake the electrical tests required for commissioning.

It also helps to ensure that the correct information and documentation is provided to customers and solar businesses.

The Solar Checklist provides information to installers on safety requirements, Australian Standards and technical recommendations for best practice solar installation.


The Solar Checklist app:

  • Allows system configurations of up to three inverters
  • Complies with the Clean Energy Council Guidelines for Installing Grid-Connected Solar PV Systems
  • Links directly with the Clean Energy Council's Solar Accreditation website
  • Includes PV module and inverter barcode scanner
  • Captures photos of each installation
  • Generates PDF and email reports.

The development of the Solar Checklist has been made possible through co-investment from the National VET E-learning Strategy's Industry System Change business activity.

Download Solar Checklist app for Android

After downloading, you will need to sign into the app using the same email address and password you use for this website.

Guide to using the app

Watch our video which steps you through using the Solar Checklist app.

Solar PV tools

A number of e-learning resources can also be accessed through the Clean Energy Career Hub.

These include solar PV training videos on:

  • testing an installation
  • mounting PV array frames
  • rating DC isolators, and
  • weatherproofing enclosures.