Accredited installers may apply to have their provisional or full accreditation either wholly or partially (i.e. design or install, grid-connect or stand-alone) deferred.

Deferral of accreditation may be appropriate where the accredited individual is currently working in the renewable energy industry but, due to the nature of their work, cannot satisfy accreditation renewal requirements.

Deferred status is granted at the sole discretion of the Clean Energy Council.

Deferral of provisional accreditation

Provisionally-accredited people can only defer their accreditation once, for a maximum of three months. There is no minimum time for deferral.

Deferral of full accreditation

Fully-accredited people can defer their accreditation for a minimum of three months to a maximum of two years. This can be done twice for a maximum period of four years in total. 

If you are considering applying for deferment of your accreditation, please contact the Clean Energy Council Accreditation Team at